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Calculation of piles based on CPT results in Poland

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Calculation of piles based on CPT results in Poland

Data publikacji:  10/03/2009
Autorzy:  Sahajda Krzysztof
Publikacja:  Referat wygłoszony w ramach 4 IYGEC (International Young Geotechnical Engineer Conference), Aleksandria, 3-6 Październik 2009

The paper presents a capacity of driven precast pil es prediction method based on the results of CPT te sts. The pile settlement equal to 10% of pile diameter is assumed as a criteria of pi le capacity. The method gives also a unit skin fric tion and a unit base resistance for intermediate pile settlements. It allows to simula te the load-settlement curve and to calculate the a xial stiffness of the pile in any load range. For the purpose of analysis the calculation file is created which makes it possible to copare t he results of calculation and that of the field-test. The comparative analysis of 37 squa re 0.3x0.3m and 0.4x0.4m piles in clays and sands w as carried out. The comparison shows a good agreement between the predicted and ac tual capacities and a satisfactory agreement betwee n the predicted and actual slope of the load-settlement curve in the range up to 40% of the ultimate pile capacity...




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