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Static and dynamic testing of driven piles in Poland

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Static and dynamic testing of driven piles in Poland

Data publikacji:  09/17/2008
Publikacja:  Science, Technology and Practice, Jaime Alberto dos Santos (ed). 2008 IOS Press, ISBN 978-1-58603-909-7

he current possibility of obtaining financial resources from the European Union funds results in the i n crease of road investments in Poland. At the same time, Poland (together with Ukraine) is preparing for the organisation of EURO 2012. Fast development of motorway and land road network, connected with simultaneous construction of ring roads for many towns, brings about the necessi ty of erecting a large amount of engineering objects – bridges and viaducts. The majority of those objects are founded on foundation piles. The construction of piles underneath the erected objects is preceded by the obligatory testing determined by the cod e of practice, and thus leads to the prolonging of the works execution. As it is in the whole EU, static testing constitutes the basic bearing capacity testing due to local regulations (Polish code of practice) and, as follows, contract specifications. Hig h - strain dynamic testing (CASE, CAPWAP, DLT, PDA) and integrity testing (PIT, SIT) used to be carried out as the additional control procedures, which provides the quality, and not quantity, assessment. However: last years dynamic testing became in Poland a n accepted method of pile capacity assessment. Kinetic bearing capacity testing (STATNAMIC, DYNATEST) is not frequently used...




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